Thanksgiving with World Relief

November 24, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

refugee living near Chicago, Il. USA.refugee living near Chicago, Il. USA. I spent the morning with beautiful people from around the world that have come to the U.S. as refugees and are being served and welcomed with World Relief Dupage/Aurora. Volunteers shared about Thanksgiving and the history of the pilgrims coming to America to escape their situation at home.  Many identified with the story being acted out with props, giggles, and lots of repetition.  I love partnering with World Relief and am honored to help them tell the stories of resettling and supporting refugees in the U.S.

As a battle plays out in politics and on social media about refugees coming to America I cannot help but wonder if we are missing so much.  We are busy defending and trying to silence those that disagree with us.  But we are missing just listening and being with people and hearing their stories. From Nepal, Burma, Congo, Iraq, Syria, Iran, and other countries they have come and they are making a way here, as our neighbors. We can choose to welcome them or fear them.  We can choose too define ourselves by fear or by love.  We can choose to move toward places of conflict in our world unafraid and seeking to heal rather than to win.  Just how we do that is only the first question. But the answer must begin with moving ourselves to listen to stories and ask God what part He has called us to play. I'm grateful for the world as my neighbors today.     

peace & love. Wheaton, Il. USA.peace & love. Wheaton, Il. USA. Iraqi refugee in Wheaton, Il. USA.Iraqi refugee in Wheaton, Il. USA. Wheaton, Il. USA.Wheaton, Il. USA.

Wheaton, Il. USA.Wheaton, Il. USA. Congolese refugee. Wheaton, Il. USA.Congolese refugee. Wheaton, Il. USA.

Iraqi refugees in Wheaton, Il. USA.Iraqi refugees in Wheaton, Il. USA.


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