maisha means life in Swahili
students at morning rituals. Varanasi, India.pilgrims in Varanasi, India.Preparing the day's catch. Tuk Kae village, Phuket, Thailand.a family at their home. Jodhpur, India.selling fruit at a floating market. Bangkok, Thailand.a busy market in Old Delhi, India.Carrying a message. Chicago Women's March. January 2018.bath time in Varanasi, India.color and chaos on the streets of Jodhpur, India.stopping for chai. Jodhpur, India.wearing new paths, Kenya.watching the parade from her shop. Chinatown at lunar new year's parade. Chicago, Il. USA.hand made. Tikkarda, India."This is what America looks like." Marching & chanting at WOmen's March 2018. Chicago.smoke break. floating market, Thailand.friends people watching. Jodhpur, weighing wood used for creamating bodies along the Ganga (Ganges) River. Varanasi, India.walking toward the light in "the blue city." Jodhpur, India.Morning grooming on the ghats. Varanasi, India.Cable car in motion

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