a proud great grandmother. Tikkarda, India.working in the fields. Harna, IndiaGhasi taking a few puffs. Harna, India.a woman shelling seafood in Tuk Kae Cape Village, Phuket, Thailand.A man in yellow turban. Tikkarda, India.fishing near Phuket, Thailand.refugee living near Chicago, Il. USA.Karot. A textile worker in Jodhpur, India.Dhapu; the elder of the home. Harna, India.a woman working. Harna, India.a man in Tikkarda, India.fisherman on Rawai Beach, Phuket, Thailand.Woman with water jug. Jodhpur, India.Rohingya refugee in Chicago, Il. USA.Local transport on the busy streets of Old Delhi, India.man looking at the sea in Tuk Kae Cape Village, Phuket, Thailand.Monk at Wat Phra That Dio Suthep. Chiang Mai, Thailand.Iraqi refugee in Wheaton, Il. USA.Sadhu man on the banks of the Ganges. Varanasi, India.growing his beard since the tsunami. Old Town Phuket, Thailand.

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