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A day at the beach with World Relief

September 12, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I am so excited to be a part of a storytelling project that highlights the programs and services but most importantly the people of World Relief Chicago.  Spending time with the refugees, immigrants, volunteers, and staff is always a blessing for me and my children.  The people is what makes this time so rich!

Political violence, ethnic, cultural and religious disputes, and financial crisis displace millions of people every year. World Relief is an organization that helps resettle approximately 10% of all refugees entering the U.S. by providing job training, advocacy, support, language skills and other needs.  They do great work and we all can get involved!!

The families entering the U.S. have this important and needed support as they become members of our community. Children are part of this community and World Relief Chicago provides youth programs to engage these youth and help them find their way in this new stage of life in America.  

The kids and I tagged along on a beach outing with the youth, interns, staff, and volunteers of World Relief to capture their interaction, personalities, and how they are making friends and forging a new life in Chicago.  Here are some images of our time enjoying Chicago in the summer (and you can't beat summer in the city!).

My son Abishai had many admirers so I was able to enjoy making images on this fabulous day at the beach! For more information about how you can get involved contact me or check out their volunteer opportunities on their website. 


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