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his "holy work"

January 29, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

After meeting his family I got in my car and just sat there for a minute or so taking it all in.  I had just been is a man's home who had seen so much, done so much, and had trusted God through it all. God's Word in Zokam exists because of God's spirit and this man's obedience.  

In this month's World Relief newsletter you can learn more about H. Gin En Cin's story and see Hawa Images featured in their publication. H. Gin En Cin dedicated his life to making sure the people in his country were able to read the Bible in their native language despite the intense religious and political persecution he faced.  With an 8th grade education and no formal training He heard God's call to translate the Word and responded in faith and with the help of his family.  33 years ago he began the work of creating the Zokam Laisiangtho that he proudly held during our time together. Emily Gray the Executive Director of World Relief writes,  "They (his family) approached the work with reverence and focus, knowing the immensity of the task.  Each day Gin would take off his shoes, wash his hands, and clear his mind before working. This is “holy work,” he would explain to his family."

 I was able to meet his family including his sweet week old grand daughter and create some images of them at their home.  I am so grateful for these opportunities to meet and just sit and listen to the stories of people who have impacted so many. Please read more of their story here.    


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