Hawa Images | a floating market in Thailand

a floating market in Thailand

November 28, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I spent a morning spent walking and boating in Damnoen Saduak; one of Thailand's best known floating market. This market is just about an hour outside of Bangkok but feels like a totally different world.  It has become a tourist attraction but mainly draws Thai visitors for shopping, fresh fruit and veggies, and freshly prepared Thai food (some prepared and cooked entirely on a boat). I did have to dodge vendors selling cheesy T-shirts and souvenirs but buying and eating fresh fruit (pomelo was our favorite!) and just observing the people who live and sell right on the water was an amazing experience.  I spent time just sitting and observing and tried to capture images that tell the story of this market. Our favorite part was the long tail boat ride down the river just taking in all the life along the water.  

These guys were walking along the water carrying this rolled up foam and a chicken when they got distracted lookinmg and laughing at me and got caught on the sign. Loved this place. 


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