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Why I love what I do

November 11, 2016  •  1 Comment

During my time in Seattle we were out with family exploring one morning when we spotted an adorable couple trying to get a good picture with a selfie stick. When I realized they were trying to capture an image for their Save The Date cards I knew a selfie stick just would not do- we needed a mini session right there. We chatted and they explained they had just moved to the area and because of rain and conflicts their session had been cancelled so when they saw a beautiful day they ventured out to grab a picture. As we laughed about how perfect this all worked out and exchanged info I was reminded why I love photography so much. I get to partner with people tell their stories and capture a moment in time. And I am always blessed by people's stories.

I sent them the images and Meagan responded by emailing this and insisting I need to share this story, 
"We found a spot and were trying to get a picture with our selfie stick but when Roxanne saw us she volunteered to just take a few photographs and send them to us. Right there, with no preparation, she turned our selfie-stick shoot into a real photoshoot. Not only did she just snap a few photos, she had us move to make the pictures better, got our dog to pay attention to her, held treats for him, fixed our hair, and worked with the bright sun glaring at her. She e-mailed us the edited photos the next day, and the final product was amazing. We could not believe how beautiful her photos turned out on a spur-of-the-moment photoshoot. She took time out of her own day with her family and friends to help us out. We could never say thank you enough. For someone to do that for complete strangers, proves that she genuinely cares about her work and that there are still good people in this world. We will forever be grateful for her kindness and her gorgeous photos." Stephen, Megan & Calvin

Her words are undeserved but so encouraged and blessed me and reminded me why I love photography so much! Congrats to Stephen & Megan!!!! Happy weekend friends!!


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Wow so sweet, God bless them with happy married life.
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