Hawa Images | In Chinatown to celebrate the New Year

In Chinatown to celebrate the New Year

February 15, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

This Sunday I headed down to Chicago's historic Chinatown with some friends and our kids to celebrate the Chinese New Year because there is nothing quite like having a front row sidewalk real estate when the fireworks go of!  I just adore the colors, sights, smells, & tastes of Chinatown. The rich heritage and history is so present in the shops, restaurants, and in the many people that gather together to celebrate. Chicago is a city of neighborhoods that all have unique history and characteristics that make them special and vibrant and I feel blessed to live so close to an amazing city. 

The snow made for a very chilly parade and I was so thankful for the kind woman and her daughter that allowed our kids to loiter in her shop because it was REALLY COLD and ridiculous snowy.  We did purchase some Made in China fans (obviously) from her before we left and she was kind enough to keep slipping my littles small pieces of Chinese candy much to their delight. The color red is so prominent in these images because the color red represents luck and was especially true as we found street parking less than a block from the parade route!  We kicked off the year of the monkey by celebrating in the heart of Chinatown and are grateful to have been guests to see and capture this cultural celebration. Here are some images of the day. 


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