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treasures, sun, sand, & waves

March 28, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Beach life is the good life if you ask me.  I learned to appreciate the healing and calming waves, salty air, & sandy toes on a small island many miles away in East Africa but I will always adore the beach. Anywhere she is found.  The beach is like therapy for me. There is just always something about it vastness and my smallness that makes me remember how big God is and how much we are blessed to get to feel the warm sand beneath our toes as we look out into the blue depths and marvel at creation.  

I wanted to capture some of the details of our day at what many call "Shark Teeth Beach" or Caspersen Beach in Venice, Florida.  This place is pretty amazing and even gets mention in National Geographic for being the "shark tooth capital of the world." My kids left the beach that day with ziplock baggies full of "treasures" and I left with these images that I treasure of a day spent in the wind, waves, and sand. Happy Spring break friends!!


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