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a proud great grandmother. Tikkarda, India.working in the fields. Harna, IndiaGhasi taking a few puffs. Harna, India."This is what America looks like." Marching & chanting at WOmen's March 2018. Chicago.a woman shelling seafood in Tuk Kae Cape Village, Phuket, Thailand.A man in yellow turban. Tikkarda, India.Kamran making tea in his small shop in Aurora that serves many customers from around the world.fishing near Phuket, Thailand.Nar from Bhutan opened New Himalayan Grocery in the US.Dhapu; the elder of the home. Harna, India.refugee living near Chicago, Il. USA.Karot. A textile worker in Jodhpur, India.a woman working. Harna, India.Miguel decided to become a barber after seeing Coming to America. He came from Mexico to the US.a man in Tikkarda, India.James is from Liberia and after coming to teh US became a leader in the African community.fisherman on Rawai Beach, Phuket, Thailand.Woman with water jug. Jodhpur, India.off the coast of Phuket, Thailand.Ibtisam from Iraq. Her courage to start her business again in the US is inspiring.

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